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This tiny unique skeleton was found in an auspicious tomb on the Peninsula of Osbora in 1891. Contained within a clay coffin, and surrounded by various trinkets and bones, It is believed that she had been deified and worshipped. On the coffin was carved the words “Yab Noes Laka Natok” which translates as “child with a forest upon her head”. This area of Osbora was settled by the Charnos people in 450 BCE.

At first we assumed that a  strain of Papilloma virus was responsible for these various growth like malformations, which is not uncommon in some species of rabbit, and we do indeed hold a number of child skeletons with these afflictions. - yet it is very rare for it to transfer to human hosts.

Born with a head of antler like protuberances from the skull, she died in childbirth. After closes analysis of the skull, there was no sign of the virus. The growths were bone, and may indeed have been a natural malformation. Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva turns healthy muscle tissue to bone, yet we found that the growths echoed the structure of affliction founds in Fibrodysplasia patients.